Liz Crossley

Country: Germany

Title:  Messengers

Medium: Mixed media

Size: 150 x 190 cm

The World's Women On-Line!

Crossley was born in Kimberley, South Arica, a city on the edge of the Kalahari desert. She received her BA in Fine Art from the University of Cape Town, and her Master of Fine Art from Rhodes University. Further studies were taken at School of Art, Berlin. Crossley has worked at the Freie Akademie, The Hague, The Netherlands; Woodstock Gallery and Central Institute, London; and as a freelance artist, Berlin, Germany. She is a painter who also creates installations and sound and light performances in the open air.

Dr. Hans M. Schmidt states the following in a leaflet for the exhibition, Looking Back / Looking Forward, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Bonn, Germany: "After a visit to South Africa, the rock engravings near her home town, with the mythical signs of the San, the Bushmen, became very important in Crossley's work. Over a great ethnic and historic distance the artist experienced positive contact with her home country.... What is central in the case of Liz Crossley is that the reference to the signs, which are certainly not easy to decipher, results in images which have their own intrinsic value, whereby the foreign and that which comes from the self are united. In recent years Crossley, who has always worked representationally, has freely integrated abstract and figurative elements and has developed generous, simple, and meaningful forms. Her work is carried out in a complex process. It is becoming and changing and lands, unexpectedly on new shores ... For me the artist ia a living example of contemporary trans-culturalness."

Her selected exhibitions include: Looking Back / Looking Forward, Duggan Cronin Galerie, Kimberly, South Africa, 1996; Looking Back / Looking Forward and Once We Were All Black, Association of Arts Galerie, Kapstadt, Germany, 1996; Ethnocentrism & Gender Difference Women Art Historians' Conference, An Other projected on the Porta Nigra, Treves, Germany, 1995; Once We Were All Black, installation, SchloB Elisabeth, Meiningen, 1995; Rückblick-Ausblick, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Bonn, 1995; Malerpleinair, Tychy, Poland, 1994; Gallery M, Berlin, 1994; Between the Dykes, Büsum, North Germany, 1994; An Other, Workshop of the Cultures, Berlin, 1993; When People Run Like Buck..., Gallery Spandow, Berlin, 1993; Ladders, Berliner Zeitung Gallery, 1993; My Prayers Hang There, Wittenbergplatz Station, Berlin, 1993; Light & Shadow - Lorca, sound and light for the German Opera premiere of Cruel Garden, Berlin, 1992; South African Images, Goethe Institute, Berlin, 1990; Frauen-Kultur-Kultur-Arbeit, Academy of Arts, Berlin, 1989; and Light Image for Rosa Luxemburg, International Congress Centre, Berlin, 1988.
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