Mieko Okuda

Country: Japan

Title:  Shell Pot

Medium: Ceramics

The World's Women On-Line!

Okuda was born in Kyoto, Japan. She graduated from the Department of Dyeing and Weaving at Kyoto Seika College. In 1989, she had a six month residency at the Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, Montana. Okuda states, "When I form a shape with clay, not only the shape but also the dynamism of life in nature are important to me. The moments when a new life is born from nothing -- a simple mass changing into various shapes -- and what I create exists as vividly as life in nature, give me great joy and pleasure."

Her selected solo exhibitions include: Gallery Enkyo, Aichi Prefecture, 1998 and '96; Gallery 446, Osaka, 1997; Gallery Toen, Shiga Prefecture, 1996, '92 and '90; Gallery Kaede, Osaka, 1995; Gallery Genkai, Tokyo, 1994, '93 and '91; and Ogawa Gallery, Yokyo, 1985.

Her selected group exhibitions include: Asahi Craft Exhibition, Osaka and Tokyo, 1995 and '92; From One Plate, Ceramic Art Gallery, Tokyo, 1994 and '93; Tea Pot as Interior Decoration, Ceramic Art Gallery, Tokyo, 1994 and '92; Kyoto Outdoor Ceramic Art Exhibition, Kyoto, 1994; Va Festival, Gallery Nishiogi, Tokyo, 1994; Joyful and Useful, Korea - Japan Ceramic Art Exhibition, Gallery Clay, Seoul, Korea, 1994; Objects with Flowers, Ceramic Art Gallery, 1994; Capricio of Paper and Clay, Ceramic Art Gallery, Tokyo, 1994; Pottery Exhibition, Gallery Isogaya, Tokyo, 1991; Message to the Kingdom to Bhutan, Gallery Isogaya, Tokyo, 1988; Expression by 5 Artists, Minakuchi Cultural Art Gallery, Shiga Prefecture, 1988; Shiga Contemporary Art ExhibitionShiga Prefecture Museum of Modern Art, 1987 and '86; and Shigaraki Ceramic Art Exhibition, Shiga Prefecture, 1982 and '81.
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