Fanny Sanin

Country: Colombia

Title:  Acrylic No. 2

Medium: Acrylic

Size: 56" x 72"

The World's Women On-Line!

"In Sanin's world, visual experience is dynamic--perception is an arrangement of light, color, shape, movement, tension, and size... Perspective materializes before our eyes as the brightness values the artist has selected, and their placement within the total setting, cause the shapes to appear to overlap." -- Richard Humphrey, Humphrey Fine Arts, New York

Her selected solo exhibitions include: Garces Velasquez Gallery, Bogota, Columbia, 1994; InterAmerican Art Gallery, Miami-Dade Community College, Miami, Florida, 1991; Greater Lafayette Museum of Art, Lafayette, Indiana, 1990; Retrospective Exhibition, Museum of Modern Art, Bogota, Columbia, 1987; Traveling Retrospective Exhibition, Avianca Cultural Center, Barranquilla, Columbia; Museum of Modern Art, Medellin, Columbia; and Museum of Modern Art, Cartagena, Columbia, 1987; Chamber of Commerce, Cali, Columbia, 1986; Schiller-Wapner Gallery, New York, 1986; Juan Martin Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico, 1984; Rayo Museum, Roldanillo, Columbia, 1984; and Phoenix Gallery, New York, 1982.

Her selected group exhibitions include: The Art of Giving, Uniandinos, Bogota, Columbia, 1993; Permanent Collection, Museum of Art of the Americas, Washington, DC, 1993; Collection from the Museum of Art of the Americas, BID, Hamburg, Germany, 1993; Latin American Artists Fight Aids, Cavin Morris Gallery, New York, 1993; XXXIV Annual Salon of Columbian Artists, International Exhibition Fair, Bogota, Columbia, 1992; Inaugural Exhibition, Beatriz Daza Gallery, Museum of Modern Art Ramirez Villamizar, Pamplona, Columbia, 1992; Small Works on Paper by Outstanding Columbian Artists 1940-1992, Columbian Consulate Art Gallery, Washington, DC, 1992; and Six Latin American Women Artists, Humphrey Fine Art, New York, 1992.
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